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The dates listed below are worth more than just a few cents, unlike most of the ones referenced above.I have a 2009 penny on the back is a man fishing does anyone know anything about it.

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Hello, Love the site, I started going through BOXES of pennies from my grandmother and grandfather.

The circular marks are actually post-mint damage and thus this piece is worth face value.There are several technical differences between proofs and business strikes (the latter being what yours are), but the most basic differences are that modern proof coins have mirror-like surfaces and frosted designs and they also have squarer-shaped rims and more defined details than circulation strikes.

My mother gave me a five gallon glass container full of pennies.It appears to be uncirculated and, if so, is worth about 10 cents in this condition.Many of these coins, especially the large silver ones, are valuable.Please can you help me out to find is this coin is rare or not.Find the lowest prices and the best deals online with 2016Prices.This is a base-metal piece that has more value as a world coin novelty in the states.I love the satiny appearance of mint state Jefferson nickels.

While this piece is worth face value, I encourage you to keep looking for coins that appear out of the ordinary.This piece is worth face value and is safe to spend if you so choose.

Most compelling to this aspect is the gouge at the top of the two rightmost columns, and the slash across the fifth column from the left.Bitcoin has seen a sharp increase in value during this night going.

What is the different between a 1975 with or without a mint mark.Their value in money is of little interest to me as I have ZERO interest in ever selling such a collection as I have.All of the pre-1959 Lincoln cents you posted are worth between 5 and 20 cents each, while the 1959-1969 pieces shown here are worth 2 cents each for their intrinsic copper value.

Okie doke, so some of these are normal, and others seem to have minor error varieties.Probably not noteworthy enough to add value but might bring in 25 to 50 cents from a collector who enjoys such anomalies.One Question: i have a 2009 Lincoln Presidency Penny and i dont know if it worth.I came up with a coin chart when my son was three years old and. your child will hold value to the coins.I must say, the uncirculated quality of these 1990 pennies is really good given that you say they came from what I would surmise is a circulation roll.

Here are more pennies that I found, can you tell me the values of these coins might be.As a 1927 cent is not a particularly scarce date, you unfortunately would not receive very much from a coin dealer if you were to sell it — perhaps 2 cents for its copper value or a couple cents more than that.

I am pregnant and my husband is a currently deployed Navy captain.The 1990 Philadelphia cent (no mintmark) appears uncirculated and is worth about 10 cents.However, you say the doubling is on the majority of the lettering.This design is part of the 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial commemorative series.I have been collecting coins for fun for several years now and have several with errors.I also have a few 1944 steel wheat back and 1 1944 s steel wheat back and would like to know what they be worth.I decided to start looking through these coins just to have something to do.Coin Values and Coin. dimes along with their average value for each year and mint.

Silver has been used in. averages 671 million troy ounces per year.I lived in an old Craftsman house in Colton, CA for a few years.I took pictures with different lighting to try to catch what I see.As my mother gave these coins to me I plan to catalog them all mount the valuable ones and give all of it to my sons.