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I am looking for suggestions for banking institutions in Canada that are friendly towards bitcoin.Quote from: J603 on July 30, 2013, 02:31:01 PM Quote from: joesmoe2012 on July 30, 2013, 09:51:03 AM TD Bank.In South Africa, any merchant who accepts credit card or bank payments.

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That was more than 8 years ago when banks were not as sophisticated as they are today to monitor irregular activity.In a report published today on Bloomberg, banking insiders in the Netherlands hinted at growing interest in working with bitcoin-based businesses.This list is for banks who have a proactive attitude towards bitcoin, publicly endorse it, or support major exchanges.) And now for the list of Banks and their bitcoinfriendly-ness: To qualify on the list a bank or payment processor must without explanation terminate or refuse business of legitimate bitcoin busineses.Instantly Exchange Bitcoin to Bank Wire, Credit Card, Perfect Money, OKPay, Cash, WebMoney and Skrill. Friendly Friendly Service and Professional Support.The primary goal of the bank is to avoid personal accounts being operated as business accounts.Bank of Montreal (BMO), the 4th largest bank in Canada by market capitalization and assets held, and 11th largest in North America, is reportedly open to dealing with.

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We have disabled cash deposits due to potential issues that we are working out with the banks.

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Individuals would walk into a branch with a completed deposit slip and make a deposit.CaVirtex News Confirmed by Fuzzy Closed CaVirtex Cash Accounts.Then after you went to the bank and executed your order you got this Thank you for using Canadian Bitcoins to buy your Bitcoins.

However, that could all be changing thanks to Bitcoin. an online strain database and cannabis-friendly social hub.CEO of Bitcoin Suisse AG Niklas Nikolajsen lauded the bank for taking the historic step of offering cryptocurrency directly to its clients while also.You must deposit this exact amount or we will not be able to identify your order.Tradehill Inc., an exchange for virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, is moving customer accounts to a U.S. credit union, a shift designed to make it easier.Financial (Alberta Treasury Banks), based on your confirmation data from Scotiabank (Bank of Nova Scotia) guess they are all non-friendly.The elimination of banks and other financial institutions as middlemen is a major selling point to users,.Prevented MtGox, Intersango and from accepting GBP.

Bitcoin Investment Bank is the leading Bitcoin investment and auto trading brokerage company Located in Estonia.

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To qualify on the list a bank or payment processor must without explanation terminate or refuse business of legitimate bitcoin busineses.If it is outside those hours, you should expect your coins by the end of the next full business day.Almost time for another Canada Day aimlessly tackling the crowds around Parliament hill spreading the rambling drunk truth about bitcoins.

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The implosion and subsequent liquidation of bitcoin exchange Mt.Incase there is any interest in the origiona thread, here is a paste of the OP.Gox last month played to the worst fears about digital currencies.This process involves getting VP approvals from both Risk and Compliance, and only licensed financial institutions are considered.

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I will try to keep this post updated with all new information as it comes in, feel free to PM.Quote from: joesmoe2012 on August 01, 2013, 11:05:07 AM Quote from: freedomno1 on August 01, 2013, 07:40:07 AM For the record TD Bank Canada and TD bank USA are the same company just a different division that TD created when they entered into the US market during the recession and bought out some banks as part of their expansion plans.Regulators start to spook IAFCU, they cancel pending deal with TradeHill after TradeHill already announced that accounts were be moved over from TradeHills unregulated system to IAFCU Government insured and regulated account.ATM This is by a long shot not a comprehensive list, your contributions are required.This was very frustrating, so I called customer support each and every time it got rejected.Searching for freedom, and believing in bitcoins ability to change the world BTC Tip Jar 1EByjy9e4FeGZuTV4Rx5hbf4PnFt7jGh8M.Fidor Bank, the innovative German bank that is bringing Bitcoin and digital fintech to mainstream banking, is now operating in Great Britain.Fidor Bank, one.

As it was designed, the smallest unit of Bitcoin--1 Bitcoin--contains 100 million Satoshi.Gox are required for converting traditional money into Bitcoin.ING Spanish Branch Blocking all Bitcoin Transactions. Reddit.You can verify the bitcoins have been sent by checking the following block chain link: Below is a copy of your complete transaction log for your reference 2013-06-10 xx:xx:xx.However they all allow for online banking to be connected to them with verification.

The Philippine central bank has decided to regulate virtual currencies, particularly Bitcoin, with more and more people using it to transfer money across borders.

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If its during core business hours (Mon-Fri, 10-4 EST), you should expect your coins by the end of the day.Acceptable Bitcoin business models for PayPal Merchants with a business model that is related to Bitcoin but does not sell Bitcoins may be acceptable.Canadian Bitcoins and CadBitcoin have accounts frozen Closed CADBitcoin Trading Account.